Ontario invites 479 candidates in first PNP invitation round for Masters and PhD grads

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Ontario invites 479 candidates in first PNP invitation round for Masters and PhD grads.jpg

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) invited 479 international student graduates to apply for a provincial nomination on August 18.

Ontario held its first Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) round of invitations for the Masters Graduate and PhD Graduate streams.

The OINP invited 402 candidates from the Masters Graduate stream with Expression of Interest (EOI) scores of at least 39.

Ontario also invited 77 candidates from the PhD Graduate stream with EOI scores of at least 17 to apply for a provincial nomination.

Those interested in benefiting from an invitation from the OINP must create an online Expression of Interest profile in the Ontario system. Candidates will need to meet the eligibility criteria for on the streams that the OINP has to offer. Once deemed eligible for a stream, Ontario will rank profiles based on various human capital factors. These factors were decided by Ontario to ensure that candidates will thrive in the province.

Candidates will earn points for the skill level of their job, as well as Canadian work experience. Wage, education, language ability, and the region in which a candidate studies or works are other factors that candidates will be ranked on. Ontario allocates 10 points at their discretion to respond to labour market needs.

To be eligible for either the Masters or PhD Graduate streams, candidates do not need a job offer I the province to apply. Candidates must also have graduated from an eligible Masters or PhD program at an eligible post-secondary school in the province. Candidates may apply for these streams up to two years after completing the degrees.