Quebec introduces new scoring system for Arrima Expression of Interest profiles

Author: Swift Connect |

Quebec introduces new scoring system for Arrima Expression of Interest profiles.jpg

Quebec has launched a new points system to rank profiles of immigration candidates in the Arrima Expression of Interest (EOI) pool.

The new system came into place on July 14, 2021, after it was published in the Quebec Official Gazette.

The new system involves points in two (2) categories, human capital factors and Quebec labour market factors. See below for a breakdown of things that immigration candidates will be scored on.

  1. Human capital factors:
    1. French language ability.
    2. French and English combined.
    3. Age.
    4. Work experience.
    5. Education.


  1. Quebec labour market factors:
    1. Work experience in a field with a labour shortage.
    2. Qualifications in one of Quebec’s areas of training.
    3. Level of Quebec education.
    4. Professional experience in Quebec.
    5. Professional experience in the rest of Canada.
    6. Job offer inside or outside Greater Montreal.

Up to 1,320 points are available, 580 points for human capital factors and 740 points for Quebec labour market factors.

Job offers outside of Greater Montreal can be awarded 380 points, while job offers in Greater Montreal score 180 points. Points can also be earned for the spouse or common-law partner under some of the assessed criteria.

The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) says the new system will allow Quebec to better respond to labour market needs and asses a candidate’s integration potential.

MIFI says that the new scoring system will allow them to issue Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQ) within six (6) months of receiving complete applications. Candidates who receive a CSQ can then apply for the federal government for permanent residence.