IRCC to stop extending deadlines automatically for incomplete immigration applications

Author: Swift Connect |

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is scaling back a COVID-19 measure that automatically extends deadlines for incomplete immigration applications.

The IRCC will still provide deadline extensions to people who cannot provide all required documents for their application, so long as it is because of a COVID-19 disruption.

This change affects citizenship, permanent residency, and temporary residency applicants.

Over the coming months, IRCC will contact applicants and request supporting documents or a reasonable explanation of how a Coronavirus -related disruption has prevented them from submitting a complete application.

IRCC will send an email or letter requesting any documents needed to complete an application. It is advised that the documents should be given as soon as possible.

It is important that applicants get the documents soon, book appointments as soon as possible, to ensure that they are ready when the IRCC gets in contact.

Once candidates receive a request from IRCC, they have thirty (30) days to submit the supporting documents or provide a reasonable explanation, the department may stop processing the application.

This update is an IRCC effort to speed up decision-making on immigration applications. Having candidates provide their documents will help minimize the impacts to processing times for all applicants.

IRCC has also stated that Visitor Visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence holders are still not allowed to travel to Canada unless they are otherwise exempt from travel restrictions.

IRCC says that officers will be as flexible as possible when reviewing explanations of why applications are being delayed due to COVID-19.

If the IRCC determines that the request for an extension is reasonable, they will extend the deadline for an additional thirty (30) days.

If the IRCC does not find a request to be reasonable, they will make a decision on the application based on the information they have, which could result in an application being refused.

IRCC asks candidates to not contact them for an update while they assess the reasonability of the explanation, IRCC will inform candidates of their decision when it is made.