PEQ candidates must send application online through Arrima

Author: Swift Connect |

PEQ candidates must send application online through Arrima.jpg

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) application can be submitted online through the Arrima platform. As of January 26, 2021, all PEQ applications are required to be submitted online via Arrima. This means that paper applications will no longer be accepted.

The Arrima platform is free to use and was previously used to submit profiles to the Quebec Expression of Interest system. Now, Arrima will be used for applications, paying any required fees, and submitting supporting documents. Arrima will help individuals who wish to immigrate permanently or temporarily to Quebec through three programs: Regular Skilled Worker Program, International Student Program, and Quebec Experience Program.

The Quebec Experience Program is intended for international students and temporary foreign workers to apply for permanent residency in Quebec. Candidates can apply for the program once they have completed a certain period of approved studies or qualified work. To find the certain qualifications for this program please see the immigration department of the Quebec Government’s website.

The PEQ is not a points-based program. Selection of candidates are made from the information and supporting documents provided by applicants. On average, applications take six (6) months to process.

The Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration (MIFI) recently announced an increase in temporary and permanent program application fees for 2021. As of January 1st, fees for these programs have increased 1.26% since 2020.