How to sponsor your U.S partner for Canadian Immigration

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Firstly, if you are a Canadian who wants to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner you need to ensure that you are eligible. You must be over eighteen (18) years old and a Canadian citizen, First Nation, or permanent resident. It is required that you show Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you can provide for yourself as well as the person you are trying to sponsor and any dependent children you may have. The requirements vary depending on if you will live together in a specific province. Your partner must be eligible for sponsorship as well, they must be over the age of eighteen (18), and pass security, background, and medical checks.

Ineligibility factors are also something to consider. You could be restricted from sponsorship if you have previously committed a violent crime. Another ineligibility factor is if you are still bound by the three-year commitment and financially responsible for a previous spouse or common-law partner. If you have declared bankruptcy in the past and have not been discharged is another factor that could hinder your eligibility to sponsor a partner.

The guidelines for the process change regularly, but they can be found on the Canada government website. There is an application guide and a document checklist for guidance. Some guidelines vary depending on what state the spouse/partner is from and the status of their U.S. residency. A spouse/partner may need to submit official documents that were issued outside of the U.S. if they are from somewhere else. This is because the IRCC has different requirements on certain foreign documents. The IRCC allows you to track and update your application status online.

Once all your documents are completed and together, you can submit your application. The IRCC will process your application and examine if you are in a genuine relationship. You must ensure that everything is filled out correctly and truthfully, as the IRCC will return it and not process it until it is complete. Typically, IRCC takes around twelve (12) months to process spousal sponsorship applications. It is possible that through the process, IRCC will ask the person who is applying for permanent residency to submit their biometrics. Applicants will be given thirty (30) days to send the information in. Those individuals being sponsored will also be given thirty (30) days to have a medical examination done.

When a decision is made on your application by the immigration department, they will send instructions on the final steps your spouse/partner need to complete before becoming a permanent resident. They will need to go to a port of entry to meet an immigration officer for a landing interview. The IRCC will send instructions on any documents they need to bring. Once the landing process is done, your spouse/partner is officially a permanent resident, you must wait for the permanent resident card to come in the mail.