Only highest degree is now needed to submit ECA for Canadian immigration applicants

Author: Swift Connect |

Only highest degree is now needed to submit ECA for Canadian immigration applicants.jpg

Applicants for Canadian immigration typically need to submit an ECA document that verifies there is a Canadian equivalent to their foreign degree, diploma, and/or certificate. World Education Services (WES), a provider certified by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) who handles Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs), announced recently that immigration applicants require only submitting their highest completed educational credential. WES encourages applicants to only submit one credential, as any additional documents submitted will slow down the process. As of November 2020, candidates that have a Ph.D. do not need to submit their previous bachelor’s or master’s degrees to be assessed.

French documents do not need to be translated into English before submitting. However, most documents in other languages will need to be translated, some exceptions apply depending on WES requirements. Some Indian applicants will need to submit additional credentials and documents. Applicants from India sending a master’s degree or postgraduate diploma credential will additionally need to send their bachelor’s degree. There are some exceptions to this new rule: applicants with a Master of Education, Philosophy, Engineering, or Technology degrees are exempt of submitting additional documents.