Canada is looking at offering more permanent residence options to temporary residence

Author: Swift Connect |

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Canada is planning to offer more immigration pathways to foreign nationals who are already present in Canada. As per the recent announcement made by the government of Canada, more than 400000 per year immigrants will be welcomed over the next three years. 

Due to the decline in Canada's immigration because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to overcome the economic challenges Canada is currently facing. The immigration minister said that it is vital for Canada to determine how it can increase the pathways to international students, temporary foreign workers, and asylum seekers already in the country. 

The decline in Canada’s immigration levels has slowed the population, labor force, and economic growth. The government will look at the foreign talent that is already in Canada in order to find the asylum seekers, students, and workers who have the skills that align with essential services in the economy, Mendicino told Bloomberg.