Nova Scotia is getting ready to welcome International Students in November

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Universities in Nova Scotia are getting ready to bring back international students who have been stuck back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The press release by the province on Tuesday mentioned that almost two dozen institutions can start welcoming international students in early November with proper health precautions in place.  

Robert Summerby-Murray, president of Saint Mary's University in Halifax, said the move is "really exciting" for SMU and the rest of the approved schools.

"International students bring a tremendous vibrancy, of course," he said.

"By bringing students from around the world to Nova Scotia, we're helping to build the Nova Scotia economy, we're creating change in our culture and society, and that's particularly important."

Source: CBC

From mid-October, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada started a Readiness plan for certain DLI's that can receive international students. It is expected that the post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia will be included in the list on Nov 3. The institutions that are included in the readiness plan list, have to follow public health guidelines including ensuring students arriving from another country quarantine for 14 days, as well as providing accommodations, transportation, and meals during the quarantine.