Canada's Parents and Grandparents Program 2020 is now open

Author: Swift Connect |

parents and grandparents program 2020 copy.jpg

Recently, the Canadian government has opened parents and grandparents' program for the year 2020. Canadian citizens and permanent residency holders are now able to sponsor their parents and grandparents for Canadian Immigration. According to the recent update, this program will remain open until November 3, which began on October 3. The parent and grandparent program offers the Canadian Citizen and permanent resident to sponsor their parents and grandparents to obtain the Canadian permanent resident status.

There are various steps involved in this program. The first and foremost step is to submit an online sponsorship interest form. This will permit you to enter the pool of applicants who wish to apply for the parents and grandparents program 2020. From this step, IRCC will invite a maximum of 10000 people randomly and invite them to apply for parents' and grandparents' sponsorship. Invited candidates will need to pay their application fees to IRCC and submit their sponsorship applications within 60 days. The current processing time for the PGP is 20 to 24 months, according to IRCC.