Canada is offering more time for temporary residents who want to extend their stay in the country

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Canada is offering greater adaptability to temporary residents who need to expand their stay in the country. 

Because of difficulties brought by the coronavirus pandemic, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has declared another approach that gives such people more opportunity to apply for a restoration of status. 

Up until this new declaration, temporary residents had 90-days to present restoration of status application. 

They currently have until December 31, 2020 to apply to restore their status, expecting they meet the prerequisites of the status they are applying to restore.

This strategy applies to former work permit, study grant, and temporary resident visa (TRV) holders who are right now in Canada and whose status lapsed after January 30, 2020.

All through the pandemic, IRCC has been empowering temporary residents who have stayed in the country to renew their work, study, or temporary resident status so as to keep up their legitimate position to be in Canada.

At the same time, IRCC perceives that the coronavirus pandemic has meddled with the ability of temporary residents to submit completed applications, and IRCC's ability to process them. Also, IRCC comprehends that such people have encountered troubles getting back because of limited flights and lock-downs around the world.

Source : CICNEWS